Allergies and intolerances

Allergen and additive labelling and declarations

Jar displaying allergy labelFood Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) sets standards for labelling of products containing food allergens, gluten and sulphite preservatives. Any product containing allergens specified in the Standard must be either:

  • declared on a label on packaged food, or
  • declared on, or in connection with, the display of food that is not required to be labelled, or
  • declared to the customer at the time of purchase if they ask.

For more information on allergen labelling requirements refer to the FSANZ website:

The NSW Food Authority makes sure food labels comply with national standards so consumers are provided with accurate information about the food they buy.

Consumers should contact the Authority if they suspect a food label does not adhere to the FSANZ guidelines.

Education and training for the food service industry

Be Prepared be Allergy Aware booklet. Click to download 1.26MB Be prepared be
allergy aware
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(pdf, 1.26MB)

The booklet Be prepared, be allergy aware (pdf, 1.26MB), produced by the Authority and Anaphylaxis Australia, outlines requirements for food service businesses relating to declaring and managing allergens.

The Australian Food and Grocery Council has a great deal of information for businesses that package or serve food/food products that contain or may contain allergens.

The Food Safety Centre Allergen Bureau is another worthwhile site to visit.

General information

The NSW Department of Education and Training has developed guidelines for schools to assist in the management of children with allergies. The guidelines include forms for doctors/parents, action plans and Epi-Pen™ instructions.