Plant products

Plant Products Food Safety Scheme

The Plant Product Food Safety Scheme applies to the following high risk plant product industries:

  • fresh cut fruit and vegetables
  • unpasteurised juices
  • seed sprouts
  • vegetables in oil

The Plant Products Food Safety Scheme requires high risk plant product businesses conducting any of the following activities to be licensed with the NSW Food Authority:

  • processing of fruit or vegetables to produce fresh cut ready-to-eat (RTE) products;
  • sprouting and processing of seed spouts;
  • extraction and/or packaging of juice from fruit or vegetables where the juice is not subsequently pasteurised;
  • production of vegetables or fruit in oil;
  • refrigerated storage of these plant products, and
  • refrigerated distribution and/ or transporting of these plant products.

These businesses must also comply with the requirements of the NSW Food Safety Scheme Manual (pdf, 97KB) issued by the Authority.

Help for industry

Notifying business details to the Authority

Clause 4 of Standard 3.2.2 of the Code requires all NSW food businesses to notify the Authority of their details unless they hold a separate licence from the Authority.

More information

Contact the Authority if you have any queries at or on 1300 552 406.