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Five stars for Scores on Doors

Media release

28 July 2011

A year-long voluntary trial of the Scores on Doors program will be rolled out across the State from next week, the Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson, announced today.

The trial, a follow up to the Scores on Doors pilot program which ran last year, will further the NSW Government’s strategy to reduce foodborne illness while improving overall food safety in the retail food sector.

"Scores on Doors offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to show customers just how seriously they take food hygiene and the results they have achieved," Katrina Hodgkinson said.

"Certificates from the voluntary program will be displayed near doorways of participating retail food outlets so customers will be able to see just how well restaurants, cafés or other outlets have performed during their food safety inspection."

Under the Scores on Doors trial program, participating retail food outlets are assigned a star rating dependent upon their level of performance. Top rating businesses receive a five star rating, with four and three stars also awarded to businesses that perform well and comply with the requirements of the Food Standards Code.

"The certificates reflect the result of the food safety inspections that are already routinely conducted at retail food outlets. This means that what was previously only known to inspectors is now available to diners across the State," Ms Hodgkinson said.

The 12 month trial, which kicks off on 1 August, follows the success of a six month pilot held last year across 20 different local council areas that represented a mix of large and small, metropolitan and regional food selling businesses.

Variations of the Scores on Doors program have been very successful overseas in locations including Denmark, the UK and New York.

Participation is voluntary and throughout the program businesses will have the opportunity to promote and advertise their food safety performance.

"Outlets ranging from restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels to take away shops and bakeries can participate in the trial," Ms Hodgkinson said.

Further information about the Scores on Doors trial and a full description of what the grades mean can be found at the NSW Food Authority website - Scores on Doors