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Harvest area status

The information below was last updated on 25/01/2022 - 7:03pm

Before harvesting shellfish for human consumption, farmers should confirm the status of the relevant harvest area. NSW Shellfish Program harvest areas can be viewed in the Fisheries NSW Spatial Data Portal

The harvest area status list may not always reflect the most recent closures or opening restrictions. It is not intended to be legally binding. Events leading to harvest area closures have an unpredictable nature and may occur at any time. System outages may also delay updates to the harvest area status list.

Subject to the above qualifications, the Food Authority regularly updates the current status of harvest areas. The date and time of the most recent update appears above.

Jervis Bay SP
Jervis Bay



Closed due to the implementation of Harvest area classification. (15/04/2013 12:00pm)