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General Circular - COVID-19 compliance checks during inspections

22 Jul 2020

An important COVID-19 update from the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Biosecurity & Food Safety (DPI BFS) for all licensed facilities in NSW.

Checking for COVID-19 compliance

On Friday 17 July, the NSW Government announced it would be enforcing new rules around “higher risk” activities as NSW enters a state of ‘COVID normal’ following an emergence of community transmission.

To support this effort, officers within the Compliance & Integrity Systems Unit of DPI BFS are now authorised under the Public Health Act 2010 to do COVID-19 Safety Plan checks during their normal inspection of businesses deemed to be “high risk”, to ensure they are following the latest public health orders and comply as a COVID Safe business.

How to comply as a COVID Safe business?

For Food Processors, Abattoirs and manufacturers it is mandatory to:

  • Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan. You can find a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your business here.
  • Register your business as COVID Safe. You can do this here.

During the course of a routine inspection, authorised officers will ask to review your COVID-19 Safety Plan as well as evidence that it has been registered.

For all other businesses licensed with the NSW Food Authority

To help create and maintain a safe environment for your staff, customers and community, it is strongly recommended that you also complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan and register your business as COVID Safe. Failure to do so, may negatively impact your ability to demonstrate that you are taking all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of an outbreak in your business and could lengthen the time your business is impacted if any employees test positive to COVID.

Further information

Contact the NSW Food Authority Helpline on 1300 552 406 or



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