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TURKISH 2 GO (3181091147)

Penalty notice number
Party served - Trade name
Address - Street
Murphy Street
Address - City
Address - Postal code
Blue Mountains
Date of alleged offence
Offence code
Offence description
Fail to comply with Food Standards Code - Individual
Nature & circumstances of alleged offence
Fail to take all practicable measures to eradicate and prevent the harbourage of pests
Amount of penalty
Party served - Surname or company
Date penalty notice served
Issued by
Blue Mountains City Council
Party served - Given names
Details of this penalty notice were first published 12 May 2020, last updated 12 May 2020.

Payment of a penalty notice is not to be regarded as an admission of liability for the purpose of, nor in any way as affecting or prejudicing, any civil claim, action or proceeding arising out of the same occurrence.

People listed in the register or with an interest in a business listed can apply to add, correct or remove information if a business has been sold or disposed of after an alleged offence, or a correction needs to be made.

Details are published as provided by the issuing enforcement agency or Revenue NSW.

For information on which penalty notices are included in the register see Penalty notice publication protocol.

Users note this register is subject to change.