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Destination Roll

Name of convicted
Thu Ba Pty Ltd
Trade name
Destination Roll
Council area
North Sydney
Date of decision
Local Court of NSW, Downing Centre
Prosecution brought by or for
North Sydney Council
Address at which offence was committed

Shop 8, 83 Mount Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

Date of offence


Nature and circumstances of offence

The defendant was convicted of the following offences for breaches under section 21(1) of the Food Act 2003, for failing to comply with the Food Standards Code, namely:

  1. Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 clause 3(1), fail to ensure that persons undertaking or supervising food handling operations have the skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene commensurate with their work activities.
  2. Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 clause 17(1)(c), fail to ensure that hand washing facilities are used only for the washing of hands, arms and face.

Offence 1: $1,500
Offence 2: $1,500
Total Penalty: $3,000
Professional Costs: $1,000

Decision details

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Usual place of business

Shop 8, 83 Mount Street
North Sydney NSW 2060