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Homers - Arndell Park

Name of convicted
Chand Holdings (NSW) Pty Ltd
Trade name
Homers - Arndell Park
Council area
Blacktown City Council
Date of decision
Local Court of NSW, Blacktown
Prosecution brought by or for
Blacktown City Council
Address at which offence was committed

1/69 Holbeche Road
Arndell Park NSW 2148

Date of offence


Nature and circumstances of offence

The defendant was convicted of an offence under section 21(1) of the NSW Food Act 2003, fail to comply with Standard 3.2.2, Clause 19(2) of the Food Standards Code, for failing to maintain fixtures, fittings and equipment to a standard of cleanliness where there is no accumulation of garbage, food waste, dirt, grease and other visible matter.


Professional costs: $5,015

Decision details

No web link available

Usual place of business

1/69 Holbeche Road
Arndell Park NSW 2148