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Auditor training

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The NSW Food Authority requires that auditors who have applied to become approved Regulatory Food Safety Auditors in NSW attend a 2 day training session, once their application has been processed.

Training is conducted on an 'as needed' basis shortly after successful applications have been processed.

The training day covers audit requirements under the NSW Food Act 2003 and NSW Food Regulation 2015 and includes a written assessment at the end.

Applicants must perform a witness audit with a NSW DPI auditor on completion of auditor training. The location and date of the witness audit is determined closer to classroom training dates. 

The requirements to become a Regulatory Food Safety Auditor are here. Auditors may supply competency based experience documents including logbooks, copies of audits completed in relevant industries or training records to support their application. 

The purpose of the training is to ensure auditors can interpret and administer NSW legislation in relation to food safety and the Food Authority’s requirements of licensees. It is a requirement that auditors have relevant and current auditing knowledge.

Training venue

NSW Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development – NSW Food Authority
6 Avenue of the Americas, Newington NSW 2127

Training dates:

  • 4th and 5th of July

Applicants have the option to attend either face-to-face in Newington or via video conference.

Only participants who receive confirmation of their successful application can attend this training via face-to-face or video conference.

If you require further assistance with submitting your application, please see Third party audits (TPAs).

Training cost

The cost of auditor training is covered by the training application fees. Travelling and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the auditor.

Tea, coffee and lunch are provided.

Materials required for training and auditing

Auditors must bring printed or digital copies of the following documents to training:

  • NSW Food Act 2003
  • NSW Food Regulation 2015
  • Regulatory food safety auditor manual
  • Food standards code 3.2.1
  • Food standards code 3.2.2
  • Food standards code 3.2.3

Auditors must prove that they have copies of the legislation and industry guides that they will be auditing against before approval is granted. The Food Authority will not provide printed documents for training.   

If auditors attend the training without the appropriate materials, it will be deemed that they have not yet passed the training component of the application process. 

After training is completed

After successful completion of the training, auditors will be required to perform a witness audit prior to being approved. This audit will be conducted under the observation of a Food Authority-employed skills examiner.

Auditors should attempt to find a suitable facility where they can perform this audit.

If auditors are unable to find a facility, the Food Authority will assist.

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