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For RTOs

FSS recertification training

FSS certificates expire 5 years from the date of issue.

Food businesses that have an appointed FSS whose FSS certificate is due to expire will need to enrol their FSS in recertification training with an RTO approved under the FSS program.

Under certain circumstances, the RTO can take into account the applicant’s prior learning, while still providing training in the three key focus areas.

When an FSS holder’s certification expires, a food business has 30 days to ensure:

  1. The FSS renews their training within 30 working days
  2. Another FSS with a current qualification is appointed

FSS program strategy for new and recertifying students

As of 1 September 2015, to be certified as an FSS for a food premise in NSW and be issued a valid certificate, a person must attain required Units of Competency (UoC) from an approved RTO under the FSS program.

The UoC must incorporate three key focus areas determined by the Food Authority and published on its website:

  1. safe egg handling
  2. allergen management
  3. cleaning and sanitising practices.

Students seeking to be appointed as a FSS for the first time must follow a learning and assessment pathway. Students who are seeking to recertify, a learning and recognition or a learning and assessment pathway may be followed.

The learning and recognition pathway is only valid for a person holding a current NSW FSS certificate or one that has expired within the immediate preceding period of 90 days.

The diagram below provides two pathways that RTOs can offer to FSS students:

FSS learning pathways


RTO compliance report

Approved RTOs and their trainers must comply with conditions of approval.

The Food Authority monitors, measures and reports on RTO compliance. Compliance audits are conducted regularly.

Training material verification

Training material accuracy is crucial to providing quality training to food handlers. To verify the accuracy of your training materials refer to the Verification of training material guidance.

RTO management system

The RTO Management System supports the overarching objective of the FSS program by providing for a compliant RTO base. This document outlines the key elements that form part of the RTO system.

Approval for the FSS program

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) must be approved for the FSS program by the Food Authority to issue the FSS certificates which food safety supervisors require.

Units of competency attained before 31 August 2010 from RTOs not approved for the program may be recognised for FSS certificates from the Food Authority.

New applications

RTOs seeking approval should

Renewal for approval as an RTO

The RTO's approval will remain in force for 12 months from the date of approval.

Before your RTO approval expires, the Food Authority will send renewal correspondence.

Change of details or trainers

Already approved RTOs can change their details and add new trainers by completing and submitting this form: 

Note: New trainer requests will be processed in 4 weeks.