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NSW is the largest producer of poultry meat in Australia, producing around a third of the national total. NSW is also the second largest beef producer, accounting for around 20% of Australia’s total.

The NSW Food Authority currently licenses approximately 8,000 businesses in the meat sector, including about 60 abattoirs, 350 meat processing plants and 1,800 retail premises (butchers), as well as cold stores and more than 4,500 food transport vehicles. 

Meat food businesses need to meet food safety and labelling requirements, which vary depending on the business type: 


The Australian Department of Agriculture provides export controls and assistance regarding exporting goods from Australia.

Meat businesses that wish to export meat and meat products can find information to meet their responsibilities from the Department of Agriculture.


The Minister and the NSW Food Authority consult with the meat industry over food safety and labelling regulations, practices and compliance.

See: Meat Industry Consultative Council.

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