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Understanding claims

Many types of claims are made about foods on labels including health and nutrition, how a food is produced and where it has come from. Understanding these claims helps you choose foods that are suited to your needs.

While health and nutrition claims are subject to the Food Standards Code, all claims on a food label are enforceable under Australian Consumer Law.

Health and nutrition claims

Health and nutrition claims on a label are statements about the health benefits of the food.


Understand the difference between these claims and the rules that apply to each.

Country of origin

The country or countries where a food was grown, manufactured or packaged must appear on the label.

Free range

'Free range' broadly indicates the animal or animal product, eg. eggs, has been produced in an open or free environment.

Heart foundation tick

To be eligible for the Heart Foundations Tick, a food has to meet strict nutrient and ingredient standards.

Personal values and ethics

Labels sometimes include information relating to personal values or ethics.