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Facility requirements

A facility must apply to the Authority to engage a regulatory food safety auditor.

To be considered facilities must:

  • have a suitable audit and compliance history
  • have received an A or B rating at their most recent audits
  • have no outstanding enforcement action
  • make application using form TPA006 (pdf 42KB)

The minimum requirements for licensed facilities to be approved are detailed in the Guide to Implementing a Regulatory Food Safety Auditor System (pdf 164KB).

Which businesses can apply to use this system?

Businesses licensed under a permission listed below may apply to move to this system. Facilities with multiple licence permissions should contact the Food Authority for clarification.

  • Facilities licensed to provide food to vulnerable persons.
  • Cold food storage
  • Dairy primary production
  • Plant products
  • Seafood processing
  • Seafood processing – RTE products
  • Seafood processing – RTE including wet storage
  • Aquaculture with processing, excluding shellfish – RTE products

Licensed food businesses in other industries will be informed when they can apply to use this systemFacility application

Finding a TPA auditor

Once approved facilities must only use an approved auditor listed on the auditor register

Approved Auditors

Regulatory food safety auditors will be looking for the same issues that an Authority auditor would look for during an audit.

To find out more about the duties of food safety auditors please go to the auditor requirements page.