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No matter how safe food is when purchased, the last link in the food safety chain is safe storage and preparation by consumers.


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice

Australia is actively responding to an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

Allergy and intolerance

Food allergy now affects 1 in 10 infants and about 2 in 100 adults in Australia. Food intolerance is even more common.

Food poisoning

Food poisoning is the name for the range of illnesses caused by eating or drinking contaminated food or drink.

Latest news and alerts

Latest news and alerts

Shelby's chocolate chip cookies

27 Mar 2020
Recall details
Shelby's chocolate chip cookies

General Circular 03/2020 - Change to auditing arrangements for vulnerable persons licensees due to coronavirus

16 Mar 2020

An important update from the Department of Primary Industries

CTC Australia Jersey Caramels

21 Feb 2020

The NSW Food Authority advises:

CTC Australia Jersey Caramels

Spring Home Spring Roll Pastry

19 Feb 2020
Recall details
Image of recalled product