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How to read a label

Nearly every food product requires a label with specific information that tells us what's in it, how to handle it, and where it has come from, to help us make healthy and safe food choices.

See Labels & the law for a list of everything that should be included on a food label.

Ingredients & Nutrition

The ingredients list and Nutrition Information Panel tell us about allergens, additives, fats and the quantity of basic nutrients.

What's on a food label

Learn about the different sections of a food label.

Country of origin

The country or countries where a food was grown, manufactured or packaged must appear on the label.

Directions for use

Directions for use must be included when there are health and safety reasons for doing so.


Alcohol labels must state the number of standard drinks and % of alcohol, and comply with general labelling laws.

Fresh or unpackaged food

While some fresh or unpackaged food does not require a label, a retailer must, if asked, provide certain information.