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Keeping food safe

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Surrounded by food every day, it's easy to forget food can potentially be dangerous if not handled and prepared correctly.

Bacteria can multiply in food and make us extremely ill. The information in this section can help to keep food safe:

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NSW consumer food safety behavioural research

The Food Authority is responsible for regulating and monitoring food safety across the entire food industry supply chain in NSW – from paddock to plate.

To do this, it seeks to educate consumers on food safety, such as good food handling practices and how to understand food labels, to reduce the risk of foodborne illness in the community.

To inform the future direction of its education activities, the Food Authority needs to stay up to date with current consumer knowledge, behaviour and trends relating to food safety.

In 2019, an independent behavioural research project was conducted to enable the Food Authority to refresh its education campaign to ensure that it’s evidence based, and promotes positive behavioural change in the home.

You can download the NSW consumer food safety behavioural research summary report here.

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