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The NSW Food Authority can issue export certificates to NSW food manufacturers to facilitate export trade. However, the first port of call is the Australian Department of Agriculture.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources provides advice and assistance to existing and potential exporters of agricultural and fisheries produce on import conditions of destination countries.

Exporting 'prescribed goods'

Depending on what you want to export, the requirements you must meet will vary.  

Under the Export Control Act 2020, there are ‘prescribed’ and ‘non-prescribed’ goods. Examples of prescribed goods are:

  • dairy
  • live animals
  • plants and plant products
  • meat and meat products
  • grain
  • animal food (frozen raw meat)
  • organic produce
  • fresh fruit and vegetables
  • dried fruit
  • pharmaceuticals (raw animal material)

Exporting 'non-prescribed goods'

Non-prescribed goods are all other goods not defined above. Provisions may apply depending on the requirements of the importing country.

The Department of Agriculture can assist businesses with exporting non prescribed goods. Fees are payable and certain information, including importing country requirements, must be provided by the exporter to the Department.

For further information contact the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Dairy Export Assurance Program

The Dairy Export Assurance Program (DEAP) is an exciting opportunity for the Government, state regulatory agencies and industry to co–design a more robust and inclusive regulatory framework for the dairy export industry.

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment is partnering with Dairy Australia to deliver three projects within DEAP:

  1. Identifying the regulatory hurdles for domestic dairy manufacturers to become an approved establishment.
  2. Food safety in commercial assurance programs.
  3. Working towards reduced regulatory intervention through improved data.

The program includes a free export facilitator service for dairy manufacturers looking to become export registered. A service is also available to assist dairy manufacturers that are export registered and looking for new opportunities.  For more information see Export facilitator service.


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