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Plant products

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The plant products food industry in NSW continues to grow and increase its market presence.

The NSW Food Authority currently licenses around 55 businesses in the sector that:

  • process fruit or vegetables to produce fresh cut ready-to-eat (RTE) products
  • sprout and process seed spouts
  • extract and/or package juice from fruit or vegetables where the juice is not subsequently pasteurised
  • produce vegetables or fruit in oil
  • provide refrigerated storage of plant products
  • provide refrigerated distribution and/or transport of plant products
  • transport food.

Food businesses need to meet food safety and labelling requirements for the specific type of business: 

  1. plant product transport vehicles
  2. preparing or storing plant products


The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources provides export controls and assistance regarding exporting goods from Australia.

Businesses that wish to export their plants and plant products overseas can find information to meet their responsibilities from the Australian Department of Agriculture.


The NSW Food Authority consults directly with each licence holder in the plant products industry.


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