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NSW has around 40,000 retail food businesses including bakeries, B&Bs, bistros, cafes, canteens, caterers, delicatessens, health food shops, home businesses, kiosks, licensed clubs, markets, restaurants, mobile and street vendors, and takeaways.


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice

COVID-19 awareness for food service voluntary training course (FREE)

Allergies and intolerances

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) sets standards for labelling of products containing food allergens, gluten and sulphite preservatives.

Licensing and notifying

Food businesses in NSW must either hold a licence from the NSW Food Authority or notify their business details to the relevant body.

Latest news and alerts

Latest news and alerts

General Circular - Salmonella Enteritidis testing requirements - due by 1 October

8 Sep 2020

The NSW Food Authority is contacting egg producers to ensure they have the information and resources available to help me

Haigh's Milk MaltiChocs 250g

3 Sep 2020
Recall details
Image of recalled product

MILKLAB and Blue Diamond Almond Milk

2 Sep 2020
Recall details
Image of recalled product