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Dairy Industry Consultative Committee

The NSW Dairy Industry Consultative Committee (DICC) was established to provide the Minister for Primary Industries and the NSW Food Authority with a consistent and concise forum for consulting on matters relating to the Dairy Food Safety Scheme.

In particular, it consults on matters including:

  1. the continuing operation of the Dairy Food Safety Scheme
  2. any proposed amendment of the Dairy Food Safety Scheme.

Section 105 of the Food Act 2003 requires the Food Authority to consult with industry sectors affected by a regulatory Food Safety Scheme, in accordance with provisions of that Scheme.

The Dairy Food Safety Scheme under Food Regulation 2015 commenced in November 2014.

The committee performs a consultative role with government to ensure the safe and suitable supply of dairy products for human consumption and advises the Food Authority on policies and practices that may be introduced into Dairy Food Safety Schemes.

DICC members are appointed by the CEO of the Food Authority with membership drawn from a broad skills base across the dairy sector. Each member has expertise in specific fields enabling them to provide the Food Authority with a broad range of expert advice and new ideas to enhance strategic focus and issue resolution across the dairy sector.

Members are appointed for a term of up to 2 years and the DICC is chaired by the Food Authority.

Functions of the Dairy Industry Consultative Committee

The DICC provides feedback to the Minister for Primary Industries and the Food Authority on issues relating to dairy industries, including:

  • food safety policy and practices
  • the Dairy Food Safety Scheme
  • labelling, handling and hygiene
  • investigating and prosecuting businesses and individuals engaged in deceptive or misleading conduct.


The DICC meets approximately every 6 months, with agenda items called for 1 month before each meeting.

Meeting outcomes

Terms of Reference

The primary objective of the DICC is to contribute to the Food Authority’s goal of ensuring the production and sale of dairy products that are safe and suitable for human consumption, by advising on policy and practices introduced into diary food safety schemes and developed through a consultative process.

The DICC consults with the Food Authority on food safety schemes under the Food Act 2003 relating to the dairy industry.

The DICC is also consulted on other dairy industry matters covered by the provisions of the Food Regulation 2015. This may include:

  • Conducting consultation with the Food Authority for the purposes of section 105 of the Act in relation to the dairy food safety scheme
  • The ongoing review of the operation of the dairy food safety scheme.

Where considered appropriate, the DICC may establish sub-committees to address specific issues between scheduled DICC meetings.

In addressing issues, the DICC will take into account, where appropriate, the policies and practices of interstate and overseas government food agencies and industry organisations.

Where appropriate, members will provide industry updates and current issues at each DICC meeting.

The Food Authority may continue to provide the Minister with its own advice on issues that come before the DICC.

DICC Charter and Procedural Guidelines

DICC Membership

Representation Name Position Organisation Email
Chair - NSW Department of Primary Industries Dr Lisa Szabo Director, Food Safety - CEO Food Authority (Senior Branch Support Officer) 
Dairy producers (Dairy Connect) Mrs Ruth Kydd Dairy producer Dairy Connect
Dairy producers (NSW Farmers Association) Mr Phil Ryan Deputy Chair (NSW Farmers Dairy Committee), dairy producer NSW Farmers Association
Dairy processors Mrs Bimi Singh Quality Manager Bega Cheese
Dairy processors Mr Justin Wilson Quality Assurance Manager the Riverina Dairy Pty Ltd
Dairy processors Mr Michael Cains Director Pecora Dairy - Pheasant Ground P/L
Dairy processors Ms Sarah Mandelson Chief Executive Officer Serendipity Ice Cream
Dairy processors Mrs Allison David Factory Manager Norco Foods
Dairy processors Ms Su Zhang Director Costar Pharma Laboratory Pty Ltd
Dairy research Dr James Neal Chair (Dairy NSW), dairy producer Dairy NSW
Dairy research Mrs Helen Dornom Manager Sustainability including Food Safety & Integrity Dairy Australia
NSW Department of Primary Industries Dr Sarah Britton NSW Chief Veterinary Officer & Group Director Animal Biosecurity
NSW Department of Primary Industries Suzanne Robinson Director, Animal Welfare
NSW Department of Primary Industries Ms Sheena Carter Development Officer - Dairy Farm Business Management
NSW Department of Primary Industries Mr Ian Sanders Director, International Engagement
NSW Department of Primary Industries Mr Peter Day Director, Compliance & Integrity Systems


Enquiries regarding the DICC can be made by contacting the relevant industry representative of the NSW Food Authority helpline at: 
on 1300 552 406
or by fax 02 9647 0026.