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Egg Industry Consultative Committee

The Egg Industry Consultative Committee (EICC) is established to provide the NSW Minister for Agriculture and NSW Food Authority with a consistent and concise form of dealing with consultation on matters relating to the provisions of the egg food safety scheme:

  1. the continuing operation of the egg food safety scheme
  2. any proposed amendment of the egg food safety scheme.

Section 105 of the Food Act 2003 requires the Food Authority to consult with industry sectors affected by a regulatory Food Safety Scheme, in accordance with provisions of that Scheme.

The Egg Food Safety Scheme under Food Regulation 2010 commenced in June 2010. Prior to that, consultation between the Authority and the egg industry sector was carried out through the Poultry and Egg Industries Committee which was established in 2006 and disbanded in mid 2012.

A review of the Food Authority’s consultative committee arrangements was conducted in 2011–12, as the Minister sought to refresh the existing structures and membership to ensure that they were contemporary and representative of the needs of industry and government.

As a result of the review, the Minister decided to establish a separate Egg Industry Consultative Committee for the purposes of consultation required under the Food Act 2003 in relation to the Egg Food Safety Scheme. The Food Authority invited organisations that cover different aspects of the Food Safety Scheme to nominate a representative. Membership appointment is for two years. The new committee operated under the current Food Regulation and is chaired by the Food Authority.

The Committee’s membership is designed to bring expertise and new ideas to enhance strategic focus and issue resolution across the egg industry sector.

Functions of the Egg Industry Consultative Committee

EICC provides feedback to the NSW Food Authority and the NSW Minister for Agriculture on issues relating to egg industries including:

  • food safety policy and practices
  • the Egg Food Safety Scheme
  • labelling, food handling and hygiene
  • investigating and prosecuting businesses and individuals engaged in deceptive or misleading conduct.


The committee meets every 6 months, with agenda items called for 1 month before each meeting.

Meeting outcomes

Terms of Reference

The committee operates under agreed Terms of Reference.

The primary objective of the Committee is to contribute to the Authority’s goal of ensuring the production and sale of eggs which are safe and suitable for human consumption, by advising on policy and practices introduced into egg food safety schemes and developed through a consultative process.

The Committee has the function of consulting with the Authority on food safety schemes under the Food Act 2003 relating to the egg industry.

The Committee and the Food Authority will consult on all egg industry matters covered by the provisions of the Food Regulation 2015. This may include:

  • consultation on emergency management preparedness for the sector,
  • consultation on emerging and contentious issues and risks for food safety,
  • seeking input for provision into the development and implementation of national primary production food safety standards,
  • consultation on other issues in which the egg industry has an interest such as labelling, stamping, health claims and industry based education, and
  • assistance in the design and conduct of industry specific product-based surveys,
  • regulatory effectiveness.

Where considered appropriate, the EICC may establish sub-committees to address specific issues between scheduled EICC meetings.

In addressing issues, the EICC will take into account, where appropriate, the policies and practices of interstate and overseas government food agencies and industry organisations.

Where appropriate, members will provide industry updates and current issues at each EICC meeting.

The Authority may continue to provide the Minister with its own advice on issues that come before the EICC.

EICC Charter and Procedural Guidelines

EICC Membership


Egg Industry Consultative Committee 


Name / Address 


Appointment date / term end 

NSW Farmers’

(Advocacy for NSW egg industry)

“NSW Farmers Poultry Committee Chair” 15 Fishers Lane, Bendick Murrell NSW 2803  

M 0418 477 260

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

Egg Farmers of Australia 

(Advocacy for national egg industry) 

CEO at Egg Farmers of Australia
PO Box 2164
Wandal QLD 4700

 P 07 4977 4337

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

NSW Farmers’ Association

(Advocacy for NSW farmers)

Policy Advisor, Agricultural Industries (Intensives) NSW Farmers’ Association Level 4, 154 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065  

M 0447 653 936 

P 9478 1085

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

Australian Eggs 

(Advocacy for national egg industry and R&D and other service provider)  

Managing Director, Australian Eggs
Suite 6.02, Level 6
132 Arthur Street, 
North Sydney NSW 2060

P 9409 6906 

F 9954 3133 

M 0404 832 445

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023

Pace Farm 

(Large egg producer) 


CEO/General Manager, Pace Farm
Locked Bag 800
Rooty Hill NSW 2766

P 9830 9804 

M 0419 764 204 

F 9830 9803 

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

Pirovic Enterprises Pty Ltd 

(Large egg producer) 

Managing Director, 
Pirovic Enterprises Pty Ltd
PO Box 3071 
Llandillo NSW 2747

P 4777 4176 

M 0408 445 444 

F 4777 4871 

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

Manning Valley Free Range Eggs 

(Free range egg producer) 


MR PETER MATUSZNY     General Manager, Manning Valley Free Range Eggs              
9 Arkwright Crescent                                   Taree NSW 2430

M 0411 251 129 

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

NSW Department of Primary Industries 

Development Officer Poultry Eggs
Tocal Agriculture Centre  
Patterson NSW 2421

M 0427 408 465 

P 02 4939 8954 

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

NSW Department of Primary Industries 


Team Leader Animal Welfare Policy & Programs,
105 Prince Street,
Locked Bag 21, Orange NSW 2800

M 0429 476 136 


3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

NSW Department of Primary Industries 

JO COOMBE          
NSW Chief Veterinary Officer and Group Director Animal Biosecurity & Food Safety 
105 Prince Street, Locked Bag 21, Orange NSW 2800

P 6391 3410 

M 0412 574 986 

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

NSW Department of Primary Industries 

Director, Compliance & Integrity Systems
6 Avenue of the Americas
Newington NSW 2127 

 P 02 9741 4807 

 M 0427 427 454 

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

NSW Department of Primary Industries 

Director Food Safety & CEO NSW Food Authority (Chair)
6 Avenue of the Americas
Newington NSW 2127

P 9741 4700 

M 0434 317 799 

3 December 2020 

30 November 2023 

EICC contact

Enquiries regarding the EICC can be made by contacting the relevant industry representative or the NSW Food Authority helpline at, on 1300 552 406, or by fax 02 9647 0026