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NSW has a diverse fishing and seafood industry.

The NSW Food Authority licenses around 1,900 businesses in the sector.

This includes 150 seafood processing businesses and more than 1,000 businesses that handle wild caught seafood, cold food stores and transport vehicles.

Businesses that need to hold a Food Authority licence include seafood processing businesses and seafood transport vehicles involved in:

  • handling fin fish, crustacea or cephalopods after they are taken or caught, whether the handling occurs on board a vessel or otherwise
  • the processing of seafood, including skinning, gilling and gutting, filleting, shucking, cooking, smoking, preserving and canning
  • packaging seafood
  • storing
  • wholesale
  • transporting, except from retail premises to the consumer or in a vehicle from which the seafood will be sold by retail.

Food businesses in this industry need to meet food safety and labelling requirements specific to the type of business:

  1. seafood processing businesses
  2. seafood transport vehicles


The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources provides export controls and assistance regarding exporting goods from Australia.

Seafood businesses that wish to export their fish and fish products can find information to meet their responsibilities from the Australian Department of Agriculture.


The NSW Minister for Agriculture and the Food Authority consults with the industry via the Seafood industry Forum


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