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Shopping trolleys, baskets and reusable bags

Most food placed in shopping trolleys is packaged but some items, such as fruit and vegetables may not be bagged or wrapped.

Although the risk of shopping equipment transmitting foodborne disease is low, microbiological organisms invisible to the naked eye may be present on shopping equipment which otherwise appears clean.

Avoid dirty trolleys 

If you see a trolley, basket or other equipment that is visibly dirty, don’t use it and advise the store manager so the shop can clean it.

Shops are required to keep trolleys, baskets, conveyor belts and other shop equipment that may be used with food, free of food waste, dirt, grease and other visible matter.

Shoppers can report shopping equipment which has visible waste, dirt or matter by making a complaint.

Keep reusable bags clean

Reusable shopping bags are an environmentally friendly alternative to single use bags but can be a source of contamination if not handled correctly.

When shopping with reusable bags make sure you keep different food types in separate bags and regularly wash them, especially if you notice a spill from raw meat or cracked eggs.

Insulated bags or coolers should be used to carry food that requires refrigeration, such as meat and dairy products.