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Technical reports

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Title Published date
Annual food testing report 2014-2015
Annual Food Testing Report 2018-2019
Annual Food Testing Report 2019-2020
Annual Food Testing Report 2021-2022
Annual Food Testing Report 2022-2023
Artificial colours in local and imported food products- survey
Baseline evaluation for NSW Egg Food Safety Scheme - egg farm micro
Baseline evaluation results for NSW Egg Food Safety Scheme
Baseline evaluation survey for NSW Egg Food Safety Scheme
Baseline survey of NSW hospitals and aged care businesses, 2010
Campylobacter in chicken liver
Campylobacter in meat and offal
Campylobacter in plant products
Cut melon survey
Dairy Food Safety Scheme risk assessment 2014
Domestic fridge efficiency survey
Egg food safety scheme: periodic review of the risk assessment 2022
Follow up survey of cyanogenic glycosides in cassava chips
Food Safety Scheme (domestic red meat abattoir) evaluation, 2008
Food safety survey of retail doner kebabs in NSW
GM compliance monitoring strategy
Hygiene failures in food service, 2012
Inorganic arsenic in seaweed and certain fish, 2010
Marine biotoxin management plan
Meat Food Safety Scheme Risk Assessment
Microbiological quality of filled savoury pastries, 2009
Microbiological quality of fresh cut vegetables, 2009
Microbiological quality of High Risk Bakery Products
Microbiological quality of packaged, sliced, ready-to-eat meat products, 2009
Microbiological quality of powdered infant formula
Microbiological quality of sushi - 2009
Microbiological quality quide for ready-to-eat foods
National nut survey raw data, 2012
National Surveillance Program for Genetically Modified Foods
NSW Plant Products Food Safety Scheme - risk assessment review, 2014
NSW Shellfish Program Evaluation
Pine nuts & pine mouth, 2012
Presence of gluten in foods labelled 'gluten-free'
Presence of gluten in foods labelled 'gluten-free', 2008
Presence of histamine in anchovies, 2010
Priority Classification System
Processing and safety of raw egg dressings in cafés and restaurants in Sydney
Report on practices and microbiological quality of sushi, 2008
Report on prevalence of Salmonella and E. coli in RTE nuts & nut products, 2012
Report on the microbiological quality of sprouts, 2008
Rice based desserts survey
Risk assessment of the seafood safety scheme
Risk assessment of Vulnerable Persons Food Safety Scheme, 2016
Risk review of products not regulated under the Plant Products Scheme
Seafood Safety Scheme
Snapshot survey on the microbiological quality of kebabs, 2008
Soft serve & frozen yoghurt - quality & practices survey, 2014
Survey of Listeria in sliced pre-packaged RTE meats (raw data)
Survey of Listeria in sliced, pre-packaged, RTE meats 2013
Survey of plant products not within the Plant Products Food Safety Scheme, 2014
Survey of takeaway chicken shops & products
Toxoplasma & Cryptosporidium in the food supply, 2014
Trans fatty acids marketplace survey, 2008
VP Food Safety Scheme - ph II evaluation
Vulnerable Persons Food Safety Scheme - evaluation
Vulnerable Persons Food Safety Scheme - evaluation
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