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Food Handler Basics training

Food Handler Basics is a free, non-accredited, online training course that covers the basic knowledge requirements for food handlers in 3.2.2A of the Food Standards Code.

Participants work through 7 food safe handling modules, and an assessment at the end. Those who achieve a score of 100% can receive a certificate of acknowledgement.

It is important to note that a certificate is not a proof of skills under the Food Standards Code and food handlers must also be able to demonstrate they know how to handle food safely in the food business.

Food Handler Basics training is not the same as Food Safety Supervisor training. For Food Safety Supervisor training, please see Food Safety Supervisors.

Before you begin

The training will take about an hour to complete.

Knowledge will be assessed in a quiz at the end. You must answer all questions correctly and provide your email address to receive your certificate.





To meet their obligations, businesses can choose how food handlers are trained, but it must cover:

  • safe handling of food
  • understanding of food contamination
  • cleaning and sanitising of food premises and equipment
  • personal hygiene.

Various online food safety training programs, courses from vocational training providers, or training developed by the business or other food businesses where the employee worked previously, may be used. Internal training may also be tailored to suit the business’s own activities and procedures.


It is the responsibility of the business to ensure their food handlers’ skills and knowledge is adequate and up to date.


A business can recognise a food handler’s prior learning and experience in the food industry, as long as it is relevant to the activities they do and current.

Food handlers must be able to show they know about and understand safe food handling, food contamination, cleaning and sanitising and personal hygiene.