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Meat Industry Consultative Council

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The Meat Industry Consultative Council (MICC) was established to provide the Minister for Agriculture and the NSW Food Authority with a consistent and concise forum for consulting on matters relating to the Meat Food Safety Scheme. Specifically,

  1. the continuing operation of the food safety scheme
  2. any proposed amendment of the food safety scheme.

Its purpose is to consult with the NSW meat and poultry meat industry about the Meat Food Safety Scheme to ensure the production and sale of meat and poultry meat is safe and suitable for human consumption.

Section 105 of the Food Act 2003 requires the Food Authority to consult with industry sectors affected by a regulatory Food Safety Scheme.


The MICC provides feedback to the Food Authority and the NSW Minister for Agriculture on industry issues including:

  • meat and poultry meat food safety policy and practices
  • labelling, handling and hygiene
  • investigating and prosecuting businesses and individuals engaged in deceptive or misleading conduct.

One of the MICC's key functions is to hold the Food Authority accountable for how the meat industry levy is expended.


The MICC meets approximately every 6 months, with agenda items called for 1 month before each meeting.

Meeting outcomes

Terms of Reference

The primary objective of the MICC is to contribute to the Food Authority’s goal of ensuring the production and sale of meat is safe and suitable for human consumption. It does this by advising on policy and practices introduced into meat food safety schemes and developed through a consultative process.

The MICC consults with the Food Authority on food safety schemes under the Food Act 2003 about the meat industry.

The MICC and the Food Authority will consult on all meat industry matters covered by the provisions of Food Regulation 2015. This may include:

  • consultation on emergency management preparedness for the sector
  • consultation on emerging and contentious issues and risks for food safety
  • seeking input into the development and implementation of national primary production food safety standards
  • consultation on other issues of interest to the meat industry such as labelling, lamb branding, health claims and industry based education
  • assistance in the design and conduct of industry specific product-based surveys
  • regulatory effectiveness.

Where appropriate, the MICC may establish sub-committees to address specific issues between scheduled MICC meetings.

In addressing issues the MICC will, where appropriate, take into account the policies and practices of interstate and overseas government food agencies and industry organisations. Where appropriate, members will provide industry updates and current issues at each MICC meeting.

The Food Authority may continue to provide the Minister with its own advice on issues that come before the MICC.

Charter & Procedural Guidelines

MICC contact

Enquiries regarding the MICC can be made by contacting the relevant industry representative, or the NSW Food Authority helpline at:


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