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Food safety is in your hands this Easter

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It’s hands down the simplest way to reduce food poisoning risk – and this year visitors to the Sydney Royal Easter Show can put their hand washing skills to the test.

The NSW Food Authority will help showgoers uncover how well they wash their hands, with the help of “magic potion” and UV lights.

NSW Food Authority CEO Dr Lisa Szabo said hand washing was a simple task often overlooked by many people.

“We’ve all learned a lot about hand washing over the past few years, and it’s crucial we keep it up as part of our daily routines,” Dr Szabo said.

“Correct hand washing removes harmful bacteria and viruses that could spread to food and other surfaces. It is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of food poisoning.”

Dr Szabo said poor personal hygiene was a common cause in Australia’s estimated 4.1 million cases of food poisoning each year, which is why ‘keep it clean’ is one of the Food Authority’s golden rules of food safety.

“Keeping food safe can be quick and easy – and it starts with your hands,” she said.

“Before you prepare, serve or eat food, even just a snack, make sure your hands are clean and dry.”

NSW Food Authority food safety experts will be on hand at the Easter Show, providing guidance on hand washing techniques and food safety advice.

Visit the Food Authority’s hand washing stand at the Sydney Royal Easter Show from Friday 22 March to Tuesday 2 April in the Woolworths Ag Discovery pavilion (follow the animal walk footprints), see

To learn more about the Food Authority’s golden rules of food safety, visit

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