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Safer food, clearer choices

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice

Safe food,
clear choices
NSW Food Authority

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The NSW food industry is a significant contributor to the economy with 55,000 food businesses across the state. The food processing industry alone contributes $25 billion.


NSW has around 40,000 retail food businesses that account for significant employment and economic activity. This diverse sector can include bakeries, B&Bs, cafes, canteens, caterers and markets.


No matter how safe food is when purchased, the last link in the food safety chain is safe storage and preparation by consumers.

Important sections

Name and Shame register

The NSW Food Authority publishes lists of businesses that have breached or are alleged to have breached NSW food safety laws.

Scores on Doors

Scores on Doors is the NSW hygiene and food safety scoring program that displays the results of regular inspections of food premises.


Recalls and advisories

Barossa Fine Foods Pates

26 Nov 2021
Recall details
Thumbnail of recalled product

Shirreza Tahini

26 Nov 2021
Recall details
Thumbnail of recalled product

News and alerts

News and alerts

Public health alert: Raw Pacific oysters from Coffin Bay SA linked to NSW Vibrio parahaemolyticus outbreak

19 Nov 2021

NSW Health and the NSW Food Authority are investigating an outbreak of Vibrio parahaemolyticus infections linked to the consumption of raw Pacific o

General Circular - UPDATE: Remote food safety auditor guidance

29 Jul 2021

NSW Government advice in response to COVID-19 has resulted in travel and work restrictions in some regions.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice

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