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Every business wants satisfied customers.

Displaying your food safety and hygiene score can help you see more customers walk through your door.

Promote your good hygiene and food safety record

Scores on Doors is the NSW food hygiene scoring program that reassures customers about hygiene and food safety standards.

There are no extra inspections or costs.

Scores rate a food business's compliance with hygiene and food safety requirements based on the existing, mandatory inspections done by the local council. Scores are based on a standard assessment checklist.

In participating council areas eligible businesses will be offered a certificate and a sticker to display in a prominent, public position such as a front window or behind the counter.

Good for business

Scores on Doors can be a marketing advantage for businesses that comply with food safety legislation.

Displaying a Scores on Doors certificate and sticker can provide a point of difference from competitors.

Customers can easily see the business has qualified for a score when they visit. A business with any score on their certificate or sticker was free from critical hygiene and food safety issues at the time of the inspection.

You can also promote your score on your website and in your marketing.

No costs

Scores on Doors makes the existing inspection process that is conducted by councils more transparent. It does not involve any additional inspections and there are no additional costs to your business.

How to join

The program is open to all councils.

If your local council has opted into the program then retail businesses such as cafes, restaurants, takeaways, bakeries and clubs in the areas can participate.

Participating councils

If your council has opted in, contact the council or council inspection officer and ask to join.

Councils still to join

The NSW Food Authority encourages all councils to opt into the program.

In areas where the local council is currently not participating, you can contact the council or inspection officer and express interest.

Higher rating?

Want to get the best score you can? Every business should be able to get the top score.

1. Do a self check

Download the checklist used by the council inspection officer and see what you need to get right.

2. Common issues

Make sure you have addressed the 5 most common issues found by council officers.





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