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Accessibility notices

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The NSW Food Authority aims to make website content available to the widest possible audience.

If you are unable to access information or services from our online materials due to an accessibility issue, please contact us so that we may help you to obtain the information or services you need.

WCAG2.0 compliance

We actively work towards WCAG2.0 Level AA compliance for our online materials.

Already a large number of improvements have been made to address accessibility issues in both HTML and PDF content in our materials.  This is an ongoing process.

PDF files

The majority of information is published in the first instance in HTML format.

We use PDF (portable document format) files for some online material.

Where PDF format is used, it is either a complete alternative or we provide at a minimum an introductory HTML summary of the PDF contents.

These files require reader software which is freely available, such as Adobe® Acrobat Reader or similar, installed on your computer so the files can be read.

If you are unable to use a PDF file or online materials due to an accessibility issue, please contact us to request a more accessible version.

We take care to ensure files comply with accessibility criteria. We check each PDF file for accessibility and, where feasible, accessibility issues are resolved.


Accessibility approach

This site is designed to incorporate a number of features to improve accessibility. These features include:

  • pages designed to be device independent, that is, users can navigate without the need of a mouse
  • 'skip to content' links at the top of most pages which bypass navigation menus in the header menu
  • functional and information images and graphics carry ALT tags to assist visitors using screen readers and those with images turned off in their internet browsers
  • where practicable, tables are presented so information can be read in a linear fashion and each cell is described by its column heading
  • videos are embedded with close captions / subtitles
  • generally we do not use frames, Java applets and Flash objects as they cannot be read by many alternative access devices. 

Comments and feedback

We welcome any comments or suggestions regarding the accessibility features of our online materials.

If you wish to contribute to improving our materials, please send us an email.

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