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Careers at the Food Authority

The NSW Food Authority employs professionals in a range of disciplines including:

  • compliance monitoring with food standards inspection and audit
  • incident investigation and management
  • enforcement and prosecution
  • technical and scientific speciality advice
  • food safety and labelling policy
  • communications and stakeholder engagement
  • customer service
  • licensing
  • ministerial liaison
  • facilities management, IT, business systems, finance and other corporate support.

Some of these functions are managed by the Food Authority's parent departments.

Many roles in parallel fields are also offered by local councils, which administer food standards for retail food businesses. 


All vacancies are advised on the NSW Government's jobs portal - look under Department of Primary Industries.

They may also be advertised in other places.

Roles may be either temporary or ongoing.

Applying for a role

NSW Government recruitment is not the same as in the private sector.

We only accept applications that relate to specific advertised roles.

There is always a role description, which details the capabilities, requirements and responsibilities of the role.

It's important you contact the person named in an advertisement for further information to help you decide if you want to apply and to help prepare your application.

Generally, applications must be made via, no matter where they are advertised.

We fill our roles by merit selection.  This means we use different assessments to find and appoint the candidate who best meets the capabilities and requirements of the role.

Your application

All applications need to be:

  1. in writing
  2. follow the instructions in the advertisement
  3. be submitted via

Based on your written application, an assessment panel decides who to progress through various assessments so prepare carefully.

Your application should include a:

  1. short covering letter providing evidence of experience against required role capabilities and including any specific details mentioned in the advertisement
  2. resume / curriculum vitae (CV).

Understanding the role, what is required and whether you have the right skills and experience are important in deciding whether to apply.

Your cover letter should be short and specific.  It should highlight the main points of your claim to the role.

A comprehensive guide explaining the application and selection processes is available on the Public Service Commission website.

What happens to your application

After the closing date applications are forwarded to the hiring manager who forms an assessment panel.

This panel looks at each application (your cover letter and CV) and assesses whether candidates meet the requirements of the role. 

You may be called for further assessment. This can include:

  • cognitive ability testing
  • a technical telephone interview
  • work sample testing
  • role plays/scenarios
  • a face-to-face interview
  • referee checks.

The assessment process will progressively shortlist candidates who are suitable for the role.

The panel will base its final decision on material presented by the candidates and on information provided by referees.

It is your responsibility to convince the panel that you are the best candidate for the job.

After the interview

When the selection panel has made its decision it will make a recommendation about who should be offered the role.

An offer of employment will be made to the most suitable candidate.

After an offer has been accepted other candidates will be notified.

If you are unsuccessful you are entitled to feedback from the hiring manager of the selection panel as to why. This may help you with future job applications.

Core values

If you accept a role with Food Authority you must agree to support core NSW public sector principles of:

  • cultural diversity
  • equity and ethical practice
  • a healthy, safe and fair workplace.

See the NSW Government's Public Service Commission website for more information.