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False reports that Victorian illnesses are linked to NSW eggs

28 May 2020

Incorrect news articles have alleged a link between NSW eggs and three reported Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) illnesses in Victoria. These articles are false. There is no evidence to suggest the reported illnesses in Victoria are connected to NSW eggs, or even eggs. The matter is under active investigation by Victorian authorities.

There are no current recalls of eggs in NSW and no warnings with regards to eggs.

Reports that 12 NSW farms have been affected by SE are referring to NSW farms identified between Sept 2018 – March 2020 and is not new information. Previous alerts are summarised here.

Eggs are a safe and nutritious food but as with all perishable food they require careful handling to prevent illness, including salmonellosis. People should always practice good hygiene and food safety practices.

NSW has strong systems in place at all points along the food supply chain, from paddock to plate, to help reduce the risk of foodborne illness pathogens, including SE.

Investigation of food borne disease outbreaks is a collaboration between NSW Health and the NSW Food Authority

NSW Health follow well established protocols to investigate foodborne illness, including Salmonella Enteritidis. NSW Health is also a member of OzFoodNet which investigates the occurrence of foodborne illness across state and territory borders.

Since May 2018 when a number of SE cases began to emerge, NSW DPI has worked closely with local and interstate agencies, affected producers and peak industry bodies in a combined effort to manage SE.

As part of its efforts NSW DPI has increased surveillance and monitoring at poultry facilities and, where necessary, biosecurity directions have been issued to individual properties, including the quarantine of premises to stop movement of eggs into the marketplace.

Further information about SE and the NSW government’s response can be found here

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