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Priority classification of businesses

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The NSW Food Authority uses the national food safety risk profiling framework to classify the risk priority of NSW food businesses.

Classifications are:

  • Priority 1 (P1) – highest risk
  • Priority 2 (P2)
  • Priority 3 (P3)
  • Priority 4 (P4) – lowest risk

Priority classifications are applied to each licence permission granted to those businesses which require a food safety licence. The classifications are used to apply regulations relating to food safety programs in food businesses and their audit frequency.

The Authority’s system and classifications are set out in:

Priority Classification System, April 2010 (pdf 178KB, 5pp)

Table of contents
1. NSW Food Authority
2. Food safety programs and the food Act 2003, s93
3. Priority classification
4. Priority classifications by business-type
Appendix 1: Sample RPF priority classifications
Appendix 2: Priority classifications of food businesses licensed by the NSW Food Authority and required to implement and maintain food safety programs


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