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Evaluating what we do

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Risk-based approach

The NSW Food Authority is committed to best practice in food safety regulation. It uses a risk-based approach. This means it focuses its risk management attention on areas which pose the greatest threat to the safety of NSW consumers' food.

Food standards and regulation are continuously improved where possible based on sound evaluations.

The Food Authority's scientists contribute to the framework for the evaluations and assessments of:

  • the effectiveness of current regulations
  • areas of higher risk as a focus for the future.

Information from the evaluations:

  • provides evidence on which to fine-tune the regulations
  • helps the Authority assist industry to improve performance
  • establishes benchmark practices to measure the impact of changes.

Framework for evaluations

The Food Authority has developed an evaluation framework and future work plans.

See risk management programs evaluation framework.

Evaluations available

Completed evaluations which are now available include:


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