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Changes and corrections

Registers can be amended

Certain people can apply to the Authority to amend the information on the Register of penalty notices and the Register of offences (prosecutions) by:

  • adding information to the register where a business is sold or disposed of after the offence was allegedly committed
  • correcting an error or omission, or 
  • removing information where the Authority accepts it is appropriate.

The people who may apply to have a change made are:

  • someone who is listed on the register or to whom information relates, or 
  • someone who owns or has an interest in a business listed on the register.

The Authority may itself add to, correct or remove information from the registers if it is appropriate to do so.

Explanatory guidelines for the changes allowed, reasons for a change and processes are available in How to apply to change a register (pdf, 174KB).

Full details are set out in Part 10A of the Food Act.


To apply for a change to be made:

  1. read How to apply to change a register (pdf)
  2. complete the Application to change the register (DOC)
  3. remember to include all supporting documents, and
  4. post to: 

    Offence Register Amendment
    NSW Food Authority
    PO Box 6682
    Silverwater NSW 1811


    fax to: 02 9974 4888.

 The Authority will acknowledge all applications in writing.


If the Authority refuses an application to change information on a register, a further review can be requested, undertaken by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), which replaces the former Administrative Decisions Tribunal or ADT.

Requests must be made to the NCATwithin 28 days after receiving the Authority's refusal.

The process, application form and fee for requesting this review are available from the Tribunal or by telephone on 1300 006 228.