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Evaluation framework

The NSW Food Authority has developed a model framework for its evaluations of the effectiveness of food safety risk management programs in NSW, the logic of which is illustrated below:

Source: Commonwealth of Australia Department of Finance, cited in FSANZ Evaluation Strategy, 2004

The evaluation framework is a generic model that includes:

  • an outcomes hierarchy
  • planning examples
  • data collection methods
  • communication standards
  • continuous improvement
  • reporting.

It also includes a schedule of proposed work to be conducted from 2008 to 2012.

The framework is available below.

Table of contents:
About this document
1. Objectives
2. What is evaluation?
3. Developing the evaluation framework
3.1 Review of evaluation studies
3.2 Pilot studies
4. Program evaluation framework
4.1 Risk management programs - outcomes hierarchy
4.2 Evaluation model
5. Oversight arrangements and reporting
6. Program evaluation schedule

Risk management programs evaluation framework 2008-12, May 2008