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Pickles, sauces and salsas

Authorities are currently seeing a new wave of acid-preserved foods in the marketplace.

Fermented and other acid-preserved foods have been around for a long time. The products generally have a good record of food safety and the technological requirements for safety and stability are well understood.

Problems do occur however. In the worst cases:

  • foods which are poorly acid preserved can lead to botulism
  • cold-filled products with inadequate acetic acid can spoil.

Both problems can occur with vegetables packaged in oil, especially where home production is involved. Not surprisingly, the chance of getting it wrong is much greater when attempting something new.

Guidelines for safe production

Start up businesses and businesses expanding their product range must operate within the Food Standards Code, regulations such as the Plant Products Food Safety Scheme and established guidelines.

The background paper below contains information and references useful for start-up businesses and those developing new product concepts.

Table of contents
Executive Summary
- Acid foods
- Acidified foods
- Shelf stable
- Commercially sterile foods
- Hot pack
Acid preserved hermetically sealed foods
- Types of acid preserved foods
- Cold fill products
- Vegetables in oil
- Other foods in oil
- Spoilage of acid foods
- Confirmation of self stability
References and further reading