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Bakery savoury pastries

This survey assessed the:

  • microbiological quality of savoury pastries in NSW
  • food handling practices in bakeries where such pastries are sold.

A diverse range of filled savoury pastries are sold in NSW including meat pies, sausage rolls, pasties and quiches.

These products satisfy the definition of potentially hazardous foods because they may contain microbial pathogens and the food can support pathogen growth at certain temperatures. As such, they must be prepared using good manufacturing practices (GMP) and stored at appropriate temperatures (see guideline Potentially hazardous foods).

From March to June 2009 a total of 172 ready-to-eat (RTE) filled savoury pastries were collected from 45 bakeries across NSW.


Key findings include:

  • all samples tested were microbiologically good (99%) or acceptable (1%) 
  • the majority of bakeries follow good handling practices during preparation, reheating and display of these products.

Table of contents 
Executive summary
1. Introduction
2. Method of analysis
3. Food handling questionnaire
4. Results
- Microbiological results
- Responses to Food Handling Questionnaire
5. Discussion
6. Conclusion
7. Acknowledgements
8. References
Appendix 1: Food handling questionnaire for bakeries selling filled savoury pastries
Appendix 2: Results for testing