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Dairy food safety scheme

This risk assessment updated in 2023 examined information sources including:

  • foodborne illness reports and recall data in Australia attributed to dairy and dairy products
  • international issues arising from human illness or perceived hazards linked with dairy and dairy products
  • border detections for dairy and dairy products
  • risk assessments of dairy and dairy products
  • emerging issues in the farm to consumer continuum for dairy and dairy products relevant to health risk
  • research findings related to hazards in dairy and dairy product production and processing
  • baseline surveys of microbiological and chemical hazards in dairy and dairy products
  • other relevant sources if identified during the above activities

The risk assessment concludes that regulations are still applicable to manage risk.

Aside from hazards which pose a current food safety risk, several hazards have been identified which may emerge and threaten Australia’s livestock industries and export markets or represent a future food safety risk.

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