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Dairy food safety scheme

This risk assessment updated in 2014:

  • examines developments in national food standards
  • examines new scientific literature and research on practical risk management measures.

The review focused on the findings of Proposal P1007 Primary Production & Processing Requirements for Raw Milk Products and Proposal P1022, Primary Production & Processing Requirements for Approved Raw Milk Products particularly the emerging risks related to the local production of Category 2 products following the likely approval of P1022 and the continuing sale of raw goat's milk in NSW.

The assessment supports continuation of the scheme and notes familiar common problems and some emerging issues.

Table of contents  
Executive summary
Update of the 2009 risk assessment
- Botulism-effected dairy animals
- Chemical hazards
FSANZ Papers
- P1007 Approval Report
- P1022 Call for submissions
Unpasteurised goats milk
- FSANZ's risk assessment
- The history of raw goats milk in NSW
- International food safety interventions for raw drinking milk
- NSW requirements for raw goats milk
- The NSW goats milk industry in 2014
- Have NSW interventions been effective?