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Meat food safety scheme

The risk assessment updated in 2014:

  • examines new developments in national food standards
  • examines new scientific literature and research on practical risk management measures
  • examines outbreak data

The assessment supports continuation of the scheme and notes low levels of familiar common problems and some emerging issues.

The Food Authority has provided a response to matters raised by Dr Patricia Desmarchelier in the review of the risk assessment as an addendum to the report.

Table of contents  
List of figures
List of tables
Executive summary
Update of the 2009 assessment
- Approach taken
- Hazard identification
- Game meat and minor meat species
Exposure assessment
- Consumption of meat
Hazard characterisation
- Foodborne illness and meat and meat products
- Beef and sheep-meat
- Pig meat
- Goat meat
- Chicken meat
- Game meat
- Processed meat products
- Chemicals in meat
Recalls and import border failures for meat and meat products
Risk characterisation
- Game meat and minor species
2009 RA conclusions
Appendix 1
Appendix 2