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Vulnerable persons food safety scheme

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The risk assessment updated in 2016:

  • examines new literature
  • considers feedback from industry on practical risk management measures
  • examines outbreak data
  • assesses the performance of the food service sector for Vulnerable persons
  • uses the collective evidence to support existing risk management approaches or suggest alternative approaches.

The information in this risk assessment forms the basis for the Guidelines for food service to Vulnerable persons.

This assessment examines the food safety hazards associated with different preparation methods and the control measures specified by the Food Authority and implemented by businesses.

It recognises the need to find the correct balance between protecting the patients/residents from foodborne hazards alongside maintaining a sufficiently nutritious and interesting diet to ensure that quality of life is maintained.

Balance between implementing food safety control measures and managing nutritional intake is especially critical for people in long term care because of the focus on maintaining quality of life and general well being.

Risk assessment of the Vulnerable persons food safety scheme

Table of contents 
Executive summary
Vulnerable persons
Risk assessment
Control measures
Appendix 1 - Risk management in food service settings

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